• No appointment needed-first come first served.
  • We accept items Mon - Sat 10am to 2pm and Sundays 12-4pm
  • All seasons accepted all year round
  • We will make you a cash AND store credit offer--it is your choice

Best Practices for Selling Clothes

We are NOT Upscale Resale

We pay CASH everyday

These tips are to help you sell more of your clothes, get paid more for them, and understand why we didn't buy all of them


  • Bring in items without holes, rips, stains, tears, snags, missing buttons, piling, fuzzies, alterations, and/or fading
  • Items need to smell good.  Avoid smoke, mold, pets, car exhaust, mothballs, and dampness. 
  • Items need to look good.  Minimize wrinkles, pet hair, dust, lint, piling, fading, and excessive wear. 
  • Bring items freshly washed and recently folded in a tote. Items folded for a long time can become very wrinkled. 
  • We prefer clothes brought in totes and FOLDED.  Please please please don't load up your car with lots of clothes on hangers.  They get tangled and are a mess to deal with. 
  • If you smoke, it is highly recommended that you wash your items at a laundry mat, then bring them directly to us. Do not smoke in the car with them. If we can smell smoke at all we won't be able to buy them.
  • Pack your clothes so that you can carry them.  We are not able to load and unload cars, nor do we have carts to carry things.   Bring a helper if you cannot unload your car yourself.
  • If clothes are visibly dusty, hairy, or VERY wrinkled we are not able to go through them.  We also will not go through clothes that smell. 
  • Items more than 5 years old are SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to be bought.  We are happy to look at them, but if your clothes have been in storage for 7 years, the odds are slim we will be able to buy much of it, even if it is in perfect condition. 
  • We often skip HIGH END items like Coach, Michael Kors, and Dooney & Bourke.  Our highest price is $24.99 and these items are worth more than that. 
  • Our most popular brands are Lane Bryant, Catherines, Maurices, Seven7, Torrid, Silver, and Vigoss.  We take other brands, of course, but just because it was expensive doesn't mean it will sell well for us.  Tommy HiIlfiger, Polo, Ralph Lauren, and other Dillards and department store brands are not high demand items.
  • We start at a size 14, but that is a PLUS SIZE 14.  We cannot take 14s, 16s, and XLs that run small compared to a typical Lane Bryant 14/16. (If you see Margee measuring your item against her ribcage, that is what she is determining.)  It is ok, though, if your 3x fits like a 1x, we will just cut out the tag and resize it. 
  • If you bring in a truckload of clothes that are all the same style and size, your items are competing against themselves.  We can only sell so much of a size and style, so it might be best to break it up and wait a few months between trips for maximum $$$ (unless your stuff is size 3x or larger, we just can't have enough of those sizes!  Bring it all!)
  • We recommend checking out the store before bringing in clothes to sell.  It will help you get a feel for the styles we sell, and how we price things.  If you want $50 for your nice dress, and you see an identical one on our rack for $14.99, then you wont be disappointed when we make our offer. 
  • WE DON'T PRICE ANYTHING OVER $24.99, SO WE CANNOT PAY $100 FOR YOUR (INSERT EXPENSIVE ITEM HERE).  We do purchase prom dresses, expensive purses, and shoes, but please don't be offended with our offer.  It is just business.  There are plenty of high end places to bring these items to in NWA.  It is just not what we do.  BUT, on the flip side, if no one else wants your Coach purse b/c of a tiny scuff on the bottom, WE LOVE scuffed Coach purses:-)   
  • We are EXCITED when you bring in clothes for us to buy, we love going through them.  We want you to be HAPPY.  The two main reasons sellers aren't happy are because (1) they are surprised how few items we bought or (2) because they expected to be offered a lot more money.  If you read this guide all the way to HERE then that shouldn't happen to you.  Good job!


  • We are happy to return any clothes to you that aren't purchased.
  • If you do not want them, we donate to a great local charity called Samaritan in Springdale.  We can provide a tax receipt. 
  • Find out more about the good works that Samaritan does @http://samcc.org/
  • We do NOT accept mens dress shirts that are sized with the neck size (17, 18, etc)  We only accept tops sized xxl, 2x, 3x, etc. 
  • No diet, exercise, or weight loss products of any kind. (This excludes workout clothes) 
  • No ladies Chicos or Kathy Lee brand clothes.  No mens discount brand clothes, such as Walmart, Kmart, and Target.
  • No mens bottoms.  No mens suits or formal wear.
  • We do not purchase anything we don't think we can sell (or we already have too much of). 
  • No wedding dresses or poofy prom dresses.  Cocktail dresses are fine. 
  • No scrubs or other uniform items.
  • We buy very few high heels, walmart brands, elastic waist pants, plain tshirts, and wild print pants.
We ARE all about plus sizes


  • Style, fit, and size are more important than brand
  • We do not have a strict age limit for clothes (however the older it is, the less likely we will buy it)
  • NOTHING in our store is priced over $24.99.  Ever.
  • In ladies, we start at a size 14 (XL) and go up from there
  • In mens, we start at a 2X top.  We do not buy or sell mens bottoms.
  • Ladies shoes start at a size 8, and mens shoes start at a size 9
  • There is no such thing as too big

What we don't buy