We buy Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am to 2pm and Sundays from 12-4 pm.  We reserve the right not to purchase clothes outside our posted buying hours. 

We buy all seasons all year.  If we would buy it in June, we will buy it in December.  For more details on what we buy, see our SELL CLOTHES FOR CASH page. 

We do NOT accept drop offs.  Please do not bring clothes if you do not have time to wait for us to process them.  We are normally very fast. 

PLEASE do NOT bring clothes on hangers.  Hangers make a mess.  If the item is too nice to take off the hanger then please don't bring it in. 

We will not go through clothes that have heavy odors or are covered in pet hair.  They will be returned to you. 

We are NOT able to unload your car. We do have a rolling cart in the store, and you are welcome to use it to unload your clothes.

NWA Plus Size Fashion

5320 W Sunset #176,

Springdale, AR 72762



​​​​Women's Clothing Store

Buying Basics

Our Location


From Exit 72:  We are in the shopping center right off exit 72 in Springdale.  It is Ozark Center Point Place.  You should be able to see Hobby Lobby from Sunset.  We are diagonally across from Hobby Lobby just north of J.J.'s and south of Whole Pet.   Many GPS's will put the address as across the street or down the road, this is incorrect.